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As we get older, dealing with and facing up to arthritis is something that many of us have to cope with in the US. Essentially, arthritis can be described as a degenerative condition that targets our joints in a way that causes pain and stiffness.

This will get worse with age in most cases and both pain and stiffness increase to the point where it can become very difficult to move around effectively.

USA Arthritis Sufferers With It In Hands

Although there are a number of anti-inflammatory medicines that can be prescribed for this condition, were you aware of the natural relief solutions that are just as effective in the long run? Here we discuss the most common of these remedies and outline how to go about making them work for you.

Losing Weight

Probably the most effective of all of the natural remedies for controlling and reducing the effects of arthritis is reducing your body weight. Just think of the extra stress that is placed on your joints when you are carrying a few extra pounds. By going on a controlled diet and shedding a few pounds safely, your poor joints will soon feel the positive effects.

More Exercise

This ties in nicely with our first suggestion, as well as losing weight, by exercising regularly your joints will become more flexible and less stiff as a result.

Try to stick to low-impact exercises and swimming is usually the best one to choose. Avoid running or walking and definitely steer clear of any heavy weight lifting!

Hot and Cold Therapy

You may be surprised to learn how comforting and beneficial a long soak or even a shower can be for your arthritic joints.

These will help to ease those pains and also loosen up any stiffness simultaneously. Alternatively you are welcome to try a cold treatment in the shape of a gel ice pack or even some frozen vegetables, just remember to keep them in the bag!


Arthritis Suffererer Having Acupuncture Treatment

The ancient Eastern art has been connected with curing arthritis pains for decades and if you decide to try this treatment, your pain and stress levels should start to fall effectively.

Please remember to use a licensed practitioner in the US and speak to your doctor if you need guidance on this particular avenue.

We’d always suggest using a natural remedy before attempting anti-inflammatory medicines. Speak to your doctor and he or she will be only too happy to help.

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