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(NewsUSA) - It is a medical reality we hate to admit. As we age, the risk of osteoporosis increases. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 10 million adults now have the disease. Another 18 million are at risk.

Bones contain living tissue that naturally regenerates on a regular basis. Osteoporosis occurs when these bones are no longer able to recreate tissue as fast as it is lost. The result is a loss of bone density and strength. This breakdown can begin happening as early as age 30 and can be influenced by a variety of hidden factors, including lifestyle choices and even medication.

It can be difficult to know whether or not you have osteoporosis because there are not necessarily any symptoms. Many people first discover they have the disease after fracturing a bone during a fall. Such falls can prove debilitating and even deadly for individuals with osteoporosis.

Naturally, one of the keys to treating osteoporosis, in addition to doctor-prescribed medication, is stopping falls before they happen. This cuts painful fractures that are difficult to recover from out of the picture altogether.

Prevention begins at home. Modern technology, such as a stairlift, might be the answer a loved one needs in order to create a safe space that doesn't readily lend itself to slipping, tripping or falling. For some, however, deciding to add a lift mechanism can seem daunting.

New-age equipment, such as the Acorn Stairlift, is one of the most timely and reliable solutions on the market. Instead of extensive do-it-yourself home renovation, the Acorn Stairlift includes professional installation that is affordable and efficient, requiring only a few short hours and no additional home renovations. The device attaches to the stairs themselves and can be conveniently folded away when not in use.

Living a healthy life starts with prevention. For older adults, decreasing the risk of a fall is as essential as a home they can feel comfortable residing in.

Installing a stairlift can make life with Osteoporosis much easier.

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