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The future is in the hands of our youth. Acorn Stairlifts is a proud supporter of The State of Florida Association of Police Athletic/ Activities Leagues, Inc. (SFAPAL) Youth Fund Program. Acorn believes in their mission to assist local chapters by supporting programs that enhance the lives of the youth of Florida. We as an organization, supports their vision of having educated, well-rounded and responsible young citizens who will move the country forward.

Many of our talented youth lacks access to resources that will enable them to realize their full potential. The role of this program is significant in bringing in people and resources to improve their situation. This becomes a bridge for the young people to reach their dreams for themselves, their families and their country.

Since SFAPAL was formed in 1983, it has served more than 150,000 youth from ages 6 to 18 and has taught them life skills and values like responsibility, hard work and respect for others. As a result, crimes dramatically decline and many young adults are able to rise above negative influences. More than 500 Police Officers from more than 50 Police and Sheriff Departments became real-life heroes in the lives of these young citizens.

These brave law enforcement officers and nation builders are creating a culture of active participation in the lives of the youth while they are in the process of discovering their potential. They learn and discover not only about their physical strength but their individual value in the society through close and experiential teaching.

Be sure to check out the PAL website for more information.

The program is sponsored by law enforcement agencies and supported by individuals, business leaders, foundations and corporations such as Acorn Stairlifts.


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