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Acorn Stairlifts has been serving you for 25 years! We celebrate a milestone that reminds us that we have become part of more than 500,000 lives and was able to reach out to communities around the globe. Our purpose stands stronger, and that is to keep enhancing the lives of everyone who needs help with their stairs.

It all started in 1992

Acorn started as a family business in 1992. Back then, the enterprise did not manufacture stairlifts but instead distributed from manufacturers. Demand increased as people began to recognize the immense value of this product. It only took a little time before the customers encouraged the new player in the field to supply trusted stairlifts and answer the strong call of demand. 

The company then began to invest in its own factories and created the first model which became the standard for stairlifts for years. This led to the development of the Superglide 120.

The Superglide 120 became the definition of what a quality and advanced stairlift is about. Through the years, the components of the first stairlift were modified to adapt to advancing technology. Acorn Stairlifts prides itself with the production of first-rate main components in-house. Each is equipped with the unique and revolutionary FastTrack system and the only stairlift in the industry fitted with innovative Smart-Level technology.

The stairlifts manufactured by Acorn have advanced features resulting to greater customer safety and rapid success.

America’s number 1 selling stairlift

Through development and expansion, Acorn Stairlifts soon became America’s number 1 selling stairlift. We have been successful in growing into a powerhouse that covers all states and many countries around the world.

We have also been equally passionate about giving back. The company is a dedicated partner to institutions doing life enhancing work. We help develop and support a range of programs serving terminally-ill and underprivileged patients while also caring for their families’ well-being. We also assist in building the communities we serve. Some of the programs we supported are the Dales bus operation, donation of stairlifts to hospices and people in need as well as raise funds for cancer, ALS and heart disease.

All the hardwork is done with one focus in mind, and that is our mission to help individuals struggling on their stairs overcome their everyday challenge with a secure, easy to use and comfortable solution. 

We cover all aspects of customer experience; from marketing to sales, to product development and manufacturing, and installation and support. Our team of dedicated professionals takes great pride in our ability to care for thousands who are at risk of falling. Happy customers send their testimonials and commendations direct to the company and the Better Business Bureau (BBB), an independent body for market place trust and transparency. As such, the company has maintained the highest rating with the BBB, an “A+” and will continue to work to keep its customers trust.

Constant enhancement of the product and commitment to service excellence have earned Acorn distinguished awards from industry builders, charity institutions and professional organizations. These accolades not only provide affirmation of Acorn’s zeal in fulfilling its mission but also serve as an invaluable inspiration to support individuals with mobility restrictions the best way possible. Acorn is honored to be a recipient of manufacturing, ease-of-use, engineering and community outreach recognitions.

Acorn Stairlifts continues to fuel its vision to be a company unified in providing a safe and affordable solution to help people overcome the unique needs and challenges they experience on the stairs. We thank you for your patronage and trust. You can be assured of our commitment to maintain our standard of absolute excellence and safety.


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