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For 235 years, the Purple Heart has served as a deep-rooted recognition of the bravery of the United States war heroes who are sent all around the world to keep peace and defend our freedom—often times at the cost of their own lives.

The first Purple Heart was previously called "Badge for Military Merit" created by then General George Washington, the Continental Army's commander in chief in 1782, and was exclusively awarded to soldiers in the Army and the Army Air Corps. In 1942, President Franklin Roosevelt awarded Purple Hearts to those in the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard personnel. Today, August 7, the nation extends high appreciation and praise to the fallen heroes and those who endured permanent scars from dreadful wars.
On Washington's 200th birthday, the Department of Defense founded the "Order of the Purple Heart" an organization of Purple Heart recipients with a mission to "foster an environment of good will and camaraderie." Here is a link to organization's website to know more about how they forward the cause to veterans and their families
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“History of the Order.” The Military Order of the Purple Heart.




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