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Pain Free Living shares 5 foods you should avoid to prevent Arthritis and other form of joint pains. Particular items that though famous for tasting good, might actually leave you in chronic pain. Here is the list of the 5 Foods to avoid to help keep pain and arthritis away:
      1. Bagels, muffins and pasta - also know as Gluten
      2. French Fries and processed fast food
      3. Blackened and barbecued food
      4. Nightshade vegetables - such as tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and eggplant
      5. Sugar
To make up for the foods you have to avoid, The Arthritis Foundation lists the best food choices for people with Arthritis.Here are their top 12 picks:
      1. Fish
      2. Soy
      3. Oils
      4. Cherries
      5. Dairy
      6. Broccoli
      7. Tea
      8. Citrus
      9. Grains
      10. Beans
      11. Garlic
      12. Nuts
Get the rest of the details on their site here. We hope that you will consider their advice as you prepare your meals! Healthy selections will guarantee an enjoyable gastronomic experience.



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