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Through years of research, medical experts have made breakthroughs that now help save more lives from breast cancer. Research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology has shown that survival without relapse has improved over the past 3 decades. All the medical breakthroughs that have now been integrated in the healthcare system has been known to improve the condition of many patients and at times able to free them from the disease.
Among the famous individuals who survived from breast cancer, are Sheryl Crow, Gloria Steinem and Kylie Minogue. In different ways, they have each shared their journeys from being diagnosed to surviving, and informing others about the disease and the possibility of being clear of it.
Sheryl Crow is country music singer and songwriter. She was an advocate even before her diagnosis in 2006, at the age of 44 with early stage breast cancer. After completing minimal invasive lumpectomy and radiation she recovered from the disease and became more involved in breast cancer awareness.
Gloria Steinem was an activist and a feminist icon, famous for her contribution in advancing the causes of women and indigenous peoples. She was diagnosed in 1986 at the age of 50 and recovered. She is continuing her works for social justice and quoted mentioning that the disease made her more aware of her “time”.
Kylie Minogue is a multi-talented performer. She had to do her examination twice before she learned that she has breast cancer when she was 37 in 2005. She is recognized for sharing her experience and inspiring women to be more proactive in determining accurate medical results. She has inspired those with breast cancer to continue with their treatment even though it can be hard.
These celebrity stories of struggle and survival proves that being proactive in detection, living a healthy lifestyle and not giving up the fight goes a long way in living life after breast cancer detection.
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