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Memory problems are commonly linked to Dementia, the term being described as a group of symptoms connected to the loss of various intellectual functions. Memory loss is a tough health concern that can be helped with early and accurate diagnosis. Some problems, especially detected and addressed at an early stage, can be reversible. Coupled with a healthy lifestyle, aging can be a journey to look forward to.
There are several ways to improve brain health, and allow for a life without worry of dementia. Here are 5 ways recommended by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America:
Socialization: Keep yourself connected to the people, communities and causes you feel passionate about. It is especially important to build healthy relationships after retirement.
Physical Activity: Try walking 7,000 to 12,000 steps daily. Engage in any physical activity like gardening and dancing that uses both sides of the body.
Mental Stimulation: Always find something new to learn whether it be a book, a game or even listening to music that will introduce new knowledge and keep your brain energized for something yet to be discovered.
Spirituality: Seek spiritually in ways you find most satisfying - praying, meditating and any other relaxation technique holding you centered.
Nutrition: What you take in can heal your mind and body by absorbing the right nutrition. Eat fresh and chemical-free produce and decrease, if not eliminate, eating processed foods and red meats.
Find out more ways on how you can improve your brain health at any age by visiting the foundation’s website at


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