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For some people, pain in the knees, hips or even back can make it difficult, uncomfortable and even dangerous to climb the stairs. It can also make it difficult to sit in a conventional straight-backed chair.
For these people, the stairs in their home pose a double dilemma: stairs are troublesome to use without assistance, and a conventional stairlift would not help because they would be unable to sit easily on the carriage seat.
Thankfully, as with most stair-related dilemmas, Acorn offers a practical and affordable solution. People who find it difficult or uncomfortable to sit can instead stand on the carriage’s sturdy fold-down foot platform, facing the wall immediately behind the stairlift, and gain extra support by holding onto additional handrails fixed securely to the rear of the stairlift carriage. The stairlift can then be operated in the normal way using the control paddle placed on each of the stairlift arms. Every Acorn stairlift also comes with a remote control to help move the stairlift.
If using the armrest controls, the best way is to hold onto the main grab rail handle with your right hand and use your left hand to operate the paddle switch on the armrest nearest the top of the stairs. This switch will operate with the arm in the folded up position, putting it at the optimum position for use while standing. The armrest nearest the foot of the stairs needs to be in the down position (as a safety feature) when using the armrest controls, but the stairlift will operate with both arms folded up if you choose to use the remote control.
All Acorn Stairlifts are designed to set off and come to a halt extremely smoothly, without any sudden jolt. Each are designed to glide at a steady even pace up and down the stairs. With the combination of the rails and the swivel seat, getting off or on the stairlift remains very safe.
If necessary, small modifications can also be made to the stairlift rail at the top or bottom to ensure the stairlift delivers you to a safe and level point for simply stepping on and off.
As with all of our stairlifts, the footrest, seat and armrests all fold up out of the way, minimizing the amount of space it takes up when not in use, and allowing other family members or visitors to use the stairs without hindrance.
If you thought a stairlift wasn’t for you because you can’t sit in comfort, think again… think Acorn!
For more details of our full range of Acorn Stairlifts or to arrange a free, no-obligation home survey and personalized quote, call today 1-888-211-1245.



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