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In 1983, President Ronald Reagan declared November as National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. That year, there were only 2 million Americans with Alzheimer’s. In our time, it has risen to 5.4 million and is likely to triple in 2050. Current statistics identifies 1 in every 2 families is affected by this disease. Currently, the disease is identified as the 6th highest ranking cause of death in the US.
Caring, an organization that helps end Alzheimer's Dennis Fortier, shares 7 surprising facts you should know about this month’s health focus:
1. It is detected generally at the end stage which is also the most critical given that at this stage the disease has most likely spread.
2. Contrary to what we might think, memory loss is not part of aging. Any cause of it should receive immediate intervention.
3. Current Alzheimer’s drugs are more effective than what is perceived. Those being treated with Alzheimer’s drugs are often at the later stage of the disease which is a state that’s often irreversible because of the severity of the condition.
4. Alzheimer’s can be treated with good food, exercise, active socialization and timely proper medication.
5. In relation to fact number 3, there are better drugs developed for Alzheimer’s because of advancement and research.
6. A healthy heart helps the brain stay at its best as well. Researches are conclusive risks for the heart results to greater risk for the brain.
7. There are a lot of Alzheimer’s risk factors that can be managed like diabetes, head injuries, smoking and poor diet. Being on top of these will reduce likelihood of Alzheimer’s.
To continue the fight, the Alzheimer’s Association designed a diversified campaign and has chosen the color purple to represent it. They launched End ALZ Go Purple in November. It is a platform where anyone can show their support through educating colleagues, encouraging friends to wear purple, host a “Purple Event,” decorate doors with color purple, send communications in purple, turn Facebook icon in purple, hang purple ribbons of a banner and a lot more. If you want suggestions on more creative ideas, you may reach the foundation’s line 800-272-3900.
We hope you spread the knowledge about this treatable disease that still affects millions of people around the globe.
Please consult your doctor for your individual requirements.
"National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month." Alzheimer's Association..
"National Alzheimer's Awareness Month." Caring.


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