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Acorn 180 Stairlift - designed for curved staircases

The Acorn 180 Stairlift

The Acorn 180 Stairlift is the most innovative stairlift in the world. A true technological breakthrough.

The Acorn 180 Stairlift can be installed on virtually any staircase, including curves, multiple landings, and more. Each Acorn 180 Stairlift is designed and installed to your precise requirements.

Want the stairlift to take you down the hall to your bedroom? The Acorn 180 can do that. Want it to take you into your living room? It can do that too.

  • FastTrack easy, next day installation*
  • Requires no structural changes to your home
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Buy direct from the manufacturer
  • 12-month warranty
  • The Acorn Promise
  • 12-month warranty
  • Maximum Weight 266lbs
  • Next Day Installation
Acorn 180 Stairlift Features

A wealth of features for your benefit

  1. Padded seat and backrest for maximum comfort.
  2. Can be operated with the lightest of touches. Perfect for those with limited dexterity.
  3. A safety belt is installed on all of our stairlifts, so you feel secure at all times.
  4. Our slim fold away design has folding arms, seat and footrest, so other people can continue to use the stairs.
  5. A lockable swivel seat means you can get on and off your stairlift without twisting your body.
  6. Our modular rail system is secured directly to the stairs, not to the wall. So there's no structural damage to your home.
  7. Modular rail allows the rail portion of the lift to be quickly assembled from stock components, enabling faster delivery and an installation time to suit you.
  8. Safety sensors on the footrest and carriage stop the stairlift automatically if any obstruction is encountered.
  9. Hand-held remote controls allow users to call or send the lift up and down the staircase. Perfect for sharing with a loved one.

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Safety Features

Demonstration Video

Acorn 180 Stairlift Dimensions
Dimensions inch
A Overall height 38.25
B Height of Seat 17.25
C Overall depth (from wall) 25.25
D Overall depth (when folded) 13.25
E Width of footrest 14.75
F Overall width 24.5
G Depth of seat 16

This stairlift is independently tested to comply with:

  • BS EN 81-40:2008 - European safety standard - 'Specification for powered stairlifts'.
  • CE mark - Acorn Stairlift meets the requirements of the applicable European Directive(s).
  • ISO 9386:2-2000 International standard for stairlifts.

UL - Standard(s) for Safety:

  • ASME A17.5, Elevator and Escalator Electrical Equipment
  • ASME A18.1, Safety Standard for Platform Lifts and Stairway Chairlifts
  • CSA B44.1-14, Elevator and Escalator Electrical Equipment
  • CSA B355-15, Lifts for Persons with Physical Disabilities
  • CSA B613-00, Private residence Lifts for Persons with Physical Disabilities
  • IEC 60529, Degrees of Protection Required by Enclosure
Motor output speed 4.8 inches per second - No greater than 5.9 inches per second
Method of drive Rack & pinion
Power supply 24V DC (battery)
Maximum capacity 266lbs
Track Modular rail, extruded aluminium
Main supply 50-60Hz, 100-240V AC

*NOTE: Acorn in keeping with its policy of continual development, reserves the right to change specification without notice. All measurements are approximate.

Optional Extras

Acorn 180 Curved Hinge Demonstration

Automatic Powered Hinge

If there is a doorway near the foot of the stairs the optional automatic powered hinged rail is ideal.

The lower section of the rail folds up and out of the way automatically as the stairlift travels up and down the staircase, allowing greater access at the foot of the stairs. The powered hinge raises and lowers automatically as the stairlift travels up and down the staircase.

When the stairlift is not is use, the rail is neatly out of the way and causes no obstruction.


Our Acorn Stairlift is a real blessing to us. We are so relieved to know we don't have to worry about going up and down the stair steps. We love our stairlift!

William D. -

Overall, very positive! Sales consultant, telephone staff and installer were all very polite and professional!

Lawrence -

We wholeheartedly recommend Acorn Stairlifts to anyone considering having one installed in their home.

Richard - New York

I have had my stairlift for one month and find it a great help. I am very satisfied.

Ramona D. -

Installer was great! He took the time to explain everything.

Mike - Colorado

The Acorn Stairlift makes it safer for me and my husband to go up and down our stairs. It also makes it possible for us to stay in our home, which we have had over thirty-seven years! We love our home and have so many wonderful memories here raising our three children. Now, we have twelve grandchildren and one great grandson. They love to come to our home, and we have plenty of room to enjoy our family. We have considered moving to a retirement home, but staying in our home and getting a stairlift has given us a new lease on life! Thank you for giving us more time in our home and keeping us safe!

Bryce S -

Your sales representative was very efficient and informative. The installation engineer was thorough and efficient. He made certain we understood each step and were thoroughly familiar with the operation and safety features and how to contact someone for support. We appreciate his attitude and kindness!

Edwin - Colorado

Knowledgeable advisiors, excellent phone contacts. All personnel I came in contact with were caring and displayed empathy for my needs and comfort!

Michael G. -

I am thrilled that I can get upstairs. I haven't been up there in 2 years. This changes everything. I'm enjoying exploring all over again. Now I don't have to ask other people to go up and get me things and I can sew again. I've even started painting pictures again. This is wonderful! I can't believe how fast I got it. The installer was a delightful person as well as the salesman. No pressure and very thorough explaining everything. A total pleasure.

Jeanette -

Sales person was very qualified and polite. Installation person was very polite and qualified.

Carol - Colorado