Acorn 120 Sit or Stand stair lifts

Sit and Stand Frame for a Stairlift

A solution for multiple requirements

If more than one person needs the use of a stair lift, but have different requirements, then an Acorn 120 sit or stand stair lift is the solution to your problems with the stairs.

Acorn 120 sit or stand stair lifts are the perfect choice when one person is able to sit safely when using a stair lift; and the other has difficulty bending their knees. With many of the same features and options as the Acorn 120 straight stair lifts, the sit or stand stair lift gives the user the option to either sit or stand in comfort and safety.

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  • Fits to the stairs, not the wall
  • Slimline fold-away design
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Did you know?

At Acorn we also offer other straight and curved stair lift solutions, such as the Acorn 180.

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