How much does an Acorn Stair Lift cost?

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Stair lifts can vary in price because each customers needs are unique and the same can be said for their stairs. The following are some factors that can affect the price:

  • The number of steps on the stairs
  • The number of bends in the staircase (if any)
  • What Stair lift options you require (if any)
  • How many stair lifts are required to suit your needs

Why we do not quote on our website

We do not quote a price of our stair lifts on the website because every installation is different. And it would be misleading to put a price online that wouldn't be tailored to the unique requirements of you.

How can I find out how much a stair lift cost?

Call Acorn Stair lifts for your free consultation and no obligation quote, by either calling us on 888-211-1245 or filling in our online contact form.

When your needs are established and your staircase has been measured you will receive your no obligation quote. You can take as much time as you like to make a decision.

Once you are happy with your decision and quote, a time will be arranged for the installation of stair lift. Once the stair lift is installed, the installer will be able to demonstrate how to use the lift until you're comfortable.