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Acorn Stairlifts Customer Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it; here is what some of our customers have had to say.

Well since I just got it I find it to be very useful. It's very good for people who need it. I this it will be a life saver for me.

Dorothy - New Jersey

I have had my stairlift for one month and find it a great help. I am very satisfied.

Ramona D. -

Ease of use, got my independence back. No longer fear falling up or down the stairs.

Karen B. -

Has made my life much easier! Thank you so much!

Ronald - Illinois

Everyone I dealt with was very knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant!

Marvin -

The initial call I made was met with a professional lady who took our info, and she was knowledgeable. The salesperson that came out was very professional and experienced. He explained the procedures of installation, etc. The installer was timely, professional & courteous. Our stairlift was installed within 2 days of our contract. Service overall was excellent!

Mary L. -

I am completely happy with Acorn. This product was just what we needed to feel safe and secure on the two sets of stairs. The company really does care about their customers and will do whatever it takes to make us happy with the stairlift. I would highly recommend Acorn, you couldn't find a better company.

Kathy R -

The stairlifts work very well. We have 2 lifts. Your staff was most efficent. Your Salesman knew his product and explained everything to us. Our installer was very careful & did a wonderful job installing our lifts.

Henry G. -

Our experience with Acorn Stairlifts was an exciting visit. The demonstration was well presented and it was a clear understanding on how to operate the Stairlift. The employee of Acorn was very polite and well respectful to us as well as our home. Your company has an A1 reputation with your product as well as workers. The installer did a great job setting up the Stairlift.

Helen - Pennsylvania

I have Parkinson's Disease and I was afraid I was going to tumble down the stairs and get hurt or break something. The Acorn Stairlift has given me back the freedom in my own house. I no longer need for a family member to be present if I want to go up or down my stairs. I belive the stairlift will help me be able to stay in my home longer. 

Catherine -
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