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8 Tips for Seniors Traveling This Summer

12:00am & Tips and Advice

Summer is here and that means kids are out of school and ready for some vacation and everyone else is looking forward to an outdoor break. Most families are mapping up vacation plans and gearing to take off sooner than later someplace where they can enjoy the sun. If you are planning to go and participate in any fun activity this summer that involves traveling, Senior Directory has these 8 helpful tips to ensure you a safer, more comfortable and trouble-free adventure.

            1. Keep your medicines with you at all times. Make sure you are keeping your medicines close to you when traveling. Packing them in your checked bags when flying might not be the best idea since it is not always guaranteed that your bags will make it to your destination. Instead, pack them in your carry-on and include any prescriptions you may have just in case something happens and you may need a refill.

            2. Consider upgrading your mobility equipment. If you are someone who uses a mobility device such as a walker or a cane, try looking into investing in a travel-friendly version of it for your trips. Doing this will help maximize your space for traveling.

            3. Download your airline’s app. If you are flying by plane, a good tip to do is download your airline’s app. By downloading the app you will be able to access your boarding pass and receive updates regarding your flight.

            4. Keep your routine. Even though you’re vacationing, it’s still very important to keep your body in the same routine as you were if you were home. Keeping a similar routine will maintain your strength and let you make the best out of your vacation.

            5. Pack healthy snacks. Packing snacks, especially healthy ones, will help you avoid any hunger you might have during your trip. It will also help you avoid high-sugar foods that most convenient stores provide. Skipping fried and salty snacks can help you avoid feeling sluggish and lethargic during your trip.

            6. Exercise! Usually when we travel we indulge in foods that we typically don’t eat normally so it is important to keep your body moving. It may seem hard to find time to exercise while traveling but it can be done by going for a simple walk, going out to dance, or even taking a dip in a nearby pool.

            7. Maximize your comfort. Traveling can be exhausting, especially if traveling by car. Keep your body comfortable by carrying neck pillows and seat cushions. This will help avoid any aches you may start.

            8. Make sure to plan ahead. If you have special dietary needs or need mobility assistance, contact your airline or hotel before you leave for your trip. Most places will accommodate to your needs, so give them a call and explain your needs and see how they can help.

Just because you may have certain needs or health-related issues does not mean that you can’t enjoy traveling. Plan ahead, prepare yourself and pack what you need to keep you protected and relaxed away from home. It’s also recommended to keep a copy of your medical information and emergency contacts in the event of an emergency.



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