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Stairlift Quality

At Acorn Stairlifts, we are dedicated stairlift specialists. We don't just sell stairlifts, we manufacture them, so we can guarantee the products we sell and install are of the very highest quality. Find out more about our stairlift quality below:

Independently tested stairlifts

All of Acorn's current stairlifts have been independently tested and certified to comply with the newest standards for stairlifts:

  • BS EN 81-40:2008 - European Safety Standards
  • ISO 9386-2:2000 - Worldwide Standard for Stairlifts

This includes testing our stairlifts to a minimum of 25,000 return journeys - the equivilent of 11 years of use, assuming six return journeys every day.

Quality assurance

To ensure the highest stairlift quality, nothing leaves our factories until it has been thoroughly checked and tested. For example, each Acorn Stairlift carriage is checked 29 times by a 20-strong stairlift quality assurance team. On top of that, our installation technicians work through a rigorous 37-point checklist as part of the fitting process.

Simply the best stairlifts!

Put simply, we take real pride in manufacturing and supplying what we firmly believe to be the world's best quality stairlifts.