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Phase ll of Alzheimer's Drug Shows Promise

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Despite all the efforts that experts are putting in discovering a cure to Alzheimer’s throughout the years, achieving the goal to save lives proves to be challenging. However, there have been positive developments. In recent research, it has emerged and there could be a possible stop to the progression of Alzheimer’s. Drug companies Biogen and Eisai have released the results of phase 2 of a trial clinical drug called BAN2401 and it is showing high hopes to conclusively terminate the growth of the disease.

The first phase of the drug trial lasted 12 months and did not show great results, but phase 2, lasting 18 months, has shown noteworthy changes that may lead to the discovery of a cure. The result has shown that the drug significantly clears out amyloid plaque (a component of plaque found in those with Alzheimer’s disease) and appears to slow the progression of the disease by as much as 30%.

BAN2401 not only clears out the plaque associated with Alzheimer’s, but research shows that it also reveals indications of improved cognitive function. With further research and trials, BAN2401 could be the first drug to successfully help reverse Alzheimer’s.

Note: Acorn Stairlifts does not endorse this product. This is posted for informational purposes. Always consult your doctor before making any lifestyle and/or diet changes.

To read more information about BAN2401, visit AARP's article here.

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