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6 Safe Fall Activities for Seniors and Family

12:00am & Lifestyle

Fall is officially here and it’s that time of year where there’s a brisk breeze in the air, the leaves start to change colors and families start coming together to celebrate the upcoming holidays.

Below are a few suggestions of safe fall activities for everyone in the family and those 65 years or older:

1. Fall-themed coloring pages: coloring is an activity anyone at any age can enjoy, alone or together. Psychologists also say that coloring is a good stress relieving activity. 

2. Make decorations: Pinterest and Google have a wide variety of DIY decorations you can make. Some fall decor examples are: a fall leaf garland, ribboned pumpkins, and centerpieces. It’s also a good way to incorporate those coloring pages you made!

3. Work on a fall-themed puzzle (or any puzzle for that matter): puzzles are a great bonding activity to do with family. Cozy up on the table with a warm cup of your favorite drink and celebrate the season. These puzzles don’t have to be fall themed, but doing a fall puzzle can get put you a more festive mood.

4. Make festive homemade goodies: a common activity to do with grandparents or family members together is baking. There are many fall-friendly easy goodies you can find online.

5. Prepare for Halloween trick-or-treaters: if you’re planning on handing out candy for Halloween, have an older adult help. They can prepare different goody bags to pass out or help decorate the house to welcome the trick-or-treaters.

6. Enjoy the natural air: the weather starts to cool down during the fall season, so take this opportunity to go out and enjoy the weather outside. If mobility is an issue, try cracking open a window or relaxing on a porch or in your backyard.



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