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10 Apps Targeted for Seniors

12:00am & Lifestyle

Nowadays it seems like there is an app for everything. Whether you’re looking for the weather, games, or medication reminders, there is an app for it. Although some apps may seem too advanced for seniors to use, there are a surprising number of apps targeted to seniors and their lifestyle.

Below a list of 10 apps that are useful for seniors and their loved ones.

1. Park ’n’ Forget. If you are someone, or knows someone who has a hard time remembering where they have parked, this app is for you. This app is known for being easy to use and reliable. You can record where you have parked, add photos and descriptions and even be alerted when your parking meter is about to run out. 

2. Lumosity. This is a good app if you’re looking for brain training games. This app has lots of word games, memory games and puzzles, which are all good to keep your brain working. Keeping the brain alert and working is important, especially as we age, to help our minds from deteriorating.

3. Pandora. Instead of having to listen to the radio, use Pandora to pick out what you want to listen to. Pandora lets you “thumbs up” a track if you like what you hear or “thumbs down” it to not listen to that song again. The app is customizable and FREE (if you don’t mind listening to ads in between songs).

4. Skype. This is a great app to have if you have friends and/or family who live long-distance. Skype allows you to stay in contact with anyone from practically anywhere, for free or for a low price. 

5. The Weather Channel. This app lets you access the weather in any place around the world with a click of a few buttons.

6. WebMD. WebMD seems to be the go-to website/app for people to check their symptoms and home remedies when feeling ill. This app isn’t meant to replace your current physicians, just used as a guide for any health-related questions you may have.

7. MediSafe Medication Reminder. This free app is used to set reminders to take medications and refill prescriptions, but its also used to keep track of your blood pressure, weight and pulse. This app can also alert someone like a caregiver if the user does not record that they took their medications on the app. 

8. Goodreads. If you’re a lover of books, then this app is for you. Goodreads allows you to purchase books, leave or read reviews, and connect with other users in the app via online book clubs or events near you.

9. Find my iPhone. In the event your phone gets lost, you can track where it using this app. You also have the option of locking your phone or erasing data in the event you believe your phone may be stolen. Just log into your account using your iCloud information on the computer and you’re good to go.

10. NPR One. If you’re looking for current events, stories and podcasts, this app is the one to go with. You can skim through stories and set up your account to notify you of an upcoming episode so you don’t miss it.




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