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Best Exercises for Achy Joints

12:00am & Tips and Advice

If you experience major joint pain in your back and knees, the last thing you probably want to do is stretch and move the joint. But, the best thing to do for your pain is to exercise. It may seem like hard work, but doing these exercises will help relieve pain in the long run. According to the physical therapists at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, these are the best exercises to help with achey joints:



Kegel exercises help strengthen the core music that help support our lower back. Tighten your muscles for 5 seconds and then release and relax for another 5 seconds. Try and do this type of exercise 5 times a day, slowly increases the amount of time of each rep.

Superman exercises helps strengthen all of your back. Just lay on your stomach on the floor or a hard surface, raise both your arms and legs and hold that position for about 10-15 seconds and release. Try and do this exercise 5 times a day.

Bridge exercises are great for the core. Planking is also a good option but may be harder to do, and can hurt your back if you do it wrong, causing more damage than there is already. Lay down on your back and bend your knees keeping your feet flat on the ground. Keep all your core and butt muscles tight and lift your hips up so your body is in a line. Hold that position for 10-15 seconds and release. Repeat this exercise 5 times.

Knee to chest stretches stretch your lower back and the front of your hip. Lie down on the floor on your back and lift one leg, brining your knee to your chest. Hold that position for 5 seconds and make sure that your back is laying flat against the floor. Release and repeat 10 times.



Straight leg raises strengthens the quads (the muscle located on the front of the thigh). For this move you have to lay down on your back with your elbows directly under your shoulders  with one leg bent and one leg completely straight. With your straight leg, tighten your quad muscles and lift your leg as high as you can and hold it for 5 seconds then let go. This exercises is advised to be done 4 or 5 times a week.

Half squats are really great for knees, especially arthritic knees, when done correctly. To do this exercise you should stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Lower your hips by bending your knees like you’re about to sit on a chair. From there, lift your leg slightly and hold that for about 2 seconds and then stand up.

Knee extension exercises are done sitting at the edge of a chair with your chest held high. Slowly straighten one knee and raise that leg as high as you can. Make sure your toes are pointed upward and hold your leg up for 2 seconds then relax. Alternate between legs and repeat 10 times.



Clamshell exercises help stretch out tight hip[ muscles. Chronic hip pain can be caused by osteoarthritis, so if you’re someone who has osteoarthritis, this exercise can be very helpful for you. To do this exercise you will have to lay down on your side with your knees bent. Lift your top knee without moving your hips and hold for a few seconds. Make sure you alternate knees and repeat 10 times.

Hip extension exercises can be done comfortably on a bed (whereas the other exercises can be done on the floor). Lie down on your stomach with a pillow underneath your hips. Bend your knee at a 90 degree angle so your foot is straight in the air and lift up. Do this exercise slowly.

Standing hip abduction exercises help strengthen and keep your hip muscles stable. It’s a simple exercise and can be done practically anywhere! While standing just tighten your core and slowly move one of your legs out to the side. You may hold onto a surface while doing this if it seems to be too difficult to do.



Shoulder blade squeeze exercises improve your posture and relieves pain in the shoulders. Stand up and pull your shoulder blades down and bring your elbows back behind you. Imagine your arms being pulled together behind your back, thats the tension you should feel.

Another simple exercise that can be done anywhere are arm circles. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart and put your arms straight out in front of you. Move your arm in a circle motion, switching directions.

Planking is a great full body exercise. Lay down on the floor on your stomach and bend your elbows so your back is a straight line. Hold the plank for 30 seconds and then release. These can be difficult to do, so go slow.




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