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Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

12:00am & Tips and Advice

Trying to find gifts for your aging loved ones can be a somewhat difficult task. What do you get your parents and grandparents who already have received so many different gifts throughout their lifetime? If you are struggling to find a gift to give this holiday season, A Place for Mom has a few suggestions that may help.

Type of Senior: The Travel Bug
Senior-Friendly Smartphone - there are smartphones out there targeted specifically for seniors that have large buttons and simple menus to navigate. These type of devices not only keeps you in touch with them no matter where they are, but it also acts as an entertainment tool where they can download different apps and games.

Adult Coloring Books - coloring books gives seniors something to do in their down time. Coloring books are also a good cognitive activity to do to help keep the brain working.

Talking Watches / Alarms - watches that talk can be a good gift for anyone who has a hard time reading small text. Traveling can cause a lot of exhaustion and having a talking alarm is a great tool to keep seniors on track and keep their routine. If they're used to taking their medicines at a certain time, this could be a great to give. There are even some talking alarms that sets voice alarms/reminders in your own voice!

Type of senior: TV Watchers and Fitness Fanatic 
Compression Socks - these are good to get for those who might be sitting for long periods of the day or for anyone always on their feet. Compression socks help with circulation issues.

Low Impact Exercise Equipment - staying active is important, no matter what stage in life, especially for seniors. Exercising helps prevent stroke, heart conditions, and other common challanges that come with aging.

Personal Emergency Response System - there are a wide range of emergency response systems that will help keep your senior safe. These types of tools, like fall detection watches, will alert you if there happens to be an emergency. Tools like these provide peace of mind knowing that your loved one is okay when you’re not around, whether they’re at home on the couch or out for a walk.

Type of senior: Entertainers
Tablet - similar to a smartphone, tablets provide a way to stay connected and in touch with the world. There are many different types of tablets to choose from and some that are senior-friendly that provide large print, easy menu options and can include a verity of entertainment like brain games, apps and TV.

Kitchen Essentials Set - if your parents or grandparents struggle with any ailments like arthritis, this is a must have gift! These types of kitchen tool sets help keep them independent and are tailored to make cooking easier.

Gift Certificates - If they have a favorite shop, grocery store or restaurant, give them a gift card. This allows them the freedom to use it how they please and gives them the sense of independence.




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