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Stay Active While Inside

12:00am & Tips and Advice

For the next few weeks we’ve been told to stay at home as much as possible to help combat the spread of COVID-19, but it’s important to keep active, especially if you have limited mobility.

Keeping active will help maintain muscle mass, prevent falls, and improve your overall balance and flexibility. Keeping joints moving, using muscles, getting the blood pumping and the lungs working are all beneficial to both physical and mental health. Being sedentary for long periods can lead to various medical problems.

Make sure to contact your physician before changing your fitness routine.

Chair Squats:
this exercise focuses on strengthening your lower body.

1. Stand in front of a chair, back toward the chair, and keep your feet and hips the same width apart, bending knees slightly.

2. Lower your body onto the chair as if you were about to take a seat.

3. Lift your body off the chair to return into a standing position


Wall Push-ups: this exercise focuses on strengthening your arms and chest.

1. Stand in front of a wall, keeping about 2 feet from you and the wall.

2. Place your hands up against the wall directly in front of your shoulders.

3. Keep your body straight and while you lean against the wall, bend the elbows, lean forward and perform a push up motion.


Single Foot Stand:
the goal of this exercise is to be able to stand on one foot for as long as possible (up to a minute). For this, make sure you have a chair next to you to help you balance.

1. Stand with the back of a chair in front of you and hold onto it.

2. Pick up your foot and balance on the opposite one for as long as possible.

3. Put your foot back down and then repeat with the opposite foot.


Tippy Toe Lifts: strengthen your legs and ankles with this exercise. Use a chair with this exercise to help balance.

1. Stand behind the back of a chair.

2. Lift your body up using your tippy toes as high as you can that is comfortable and then place your feet back down to a flat foot.


Wall Snow Angels:
this exercise will help you open your chest and decrease the tightness in the middle of the back.

1. Stand a few inches away from the wall and make sure youre body is flat.

2. Put your hands and palms facing outward above your head, like youre creating a snow angel.

3. With your arms touching the wall, raise and lower them.


Head Turn: this is more of a stretch than an excercise. It helps keep your neck flexible

1. In a relaxed position, stand or sit with your back straight and shoulders relaxed.

2. Turn your head slowly to the side until you start to feel a stretch.

3. Hold your head in that position for a second, then slowly turn it back to the starting position. Repeat with the other side of your neck.




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