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How to Improve Mobility Issues for Seniors

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Mobility issues shouldn’t stifle a senior’s sense of purpose or enjoyment of life. The key to aging gracefully and maintaining health is to remain active. Here is our take on what Seniors can do can improve physical and mental wellbeing.


Maintaining independence as people age is key for seniors and those who have a loss of mobility. Studies have shown that not only does this affect people psychologically but has immense social and physical consequences. Many elderly individuals often face a lot of challenges due to aging. Several aspects may come into play such as illnesses, injuries, etc. Often times aging loved ones may need a little help to increase their mobility. Mobility issues do not need to stifle a senior’s sense of purpose or enjoyment of life though. But the key to aging gracefully and maintaining health is to remain active. Here is our take on what Seniors can do can improve physical and mental wellbeing.   


  • Identifying fall hazards in the home- Fall-related injury is a major concern for individuals over 65, with sustained injuries damaging body parts crucial to mobility including hips, backs, legs, and feet. For many, a simple fall is the first step towards complete immobility. Clearing the home of clutter, loose rugs, or wires, and ensuring that rooms have good lighting.  


  • Combine physical activity and social bonding- As we still navigate throughout this global pandemic many community activities, we once enjoyed are prohibited. Pre-covid many elders would visit local hospitals, senior centers, and community centers to join different exercise programs. Fun activities like dance classes to nature walks are still easily accessible. Try doing them from the comfort of your home or maybe team up with a family member.   


  • Staying active- The best defense is a good offense; this applies to many things in life, including enhanced mobility. It's easy to become complacent as you get old. Yet, the more active the easier it will be to remain mobile. Whether it is walking, dancing, or stretching – regular physical activity is key to maintaining mobility.   


  • Keeping a healthy weight and a healthy diet- Mobility depends on having strong legs. Certain conditions like obesity can weaken your legs to the point of immobility. That is why maintaining a healthy weight is essential for continued mobility during the elderly years. It is easier to get around without carrying extra weight, and there is less stress on bones and joints.   


Loss of mobility is a real problem, but it is often preventable and treatable. Don’t limit yourself and miss out on the many opportunities to be active throughout the day? Try practicing several mobility exercises from a chair.  Staying active within your community, keeping a healthy weight, or identifying fall hazards in your home. We here at Acorn Stairlifts want you to live your healthiest life possible. Take steps now to make sure you can take the steps you need in the years ahead.  

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