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Creating a Healthy Summer Checklist

12:00am & Tips and Advice

Kick off the warmer weather right with a healthy aging checklist. Creating a guide can help balance your health and keep you happy. With the hotter months approaching, you'll want to make sure you can keep up with all the summer has to offer. Taking inventory of your body and wellness can positively impact your life and is a great way to set a foundation to prevent or delay health issues as you age.    

The last year has taken a toll on almost everyone. If you've been home-bound or quarantined, there is no doubt that you are ready to get back out into the world. By creating your checklist, you can rest assured your age won't slow you down. Follow this guide to creating a happy and healthy summer.     

Set attainable goals for yourself    

When you get goals that are not too easy or too difficult, you are much more likely to meet or exceed them. Review your goals with loved ones, so they know your plan and can assist you in any way you may need. Pick a primary focus to improve on, whether it be physical health-related or even socially connected. There are several options to create a checklist to kick start healthy aging this summer.    

A focus on physical health   

Putting a priority on your physical well-being is an essential part of your overall health, especially as you age. Physical fitness can be determined by several different aspects like movement, quality sleep, or what you eat. You can set goals for a more general idea like focusing on eating healthier or something more specific, like at least 15 minutes of walking every day. Before starting an exercise program or a diet regime, please consult your doctor first to determine what will work best for you.    

Many people choose to focus on health, especially as the warmer months approach. You can positively impact your physical health by making plans or goals to adapt things to make your life easier. Home modifications are great ways to improve your overall quality of life and happiness. You can enhance your mobility around your home with a stairlift. If it has been hard to climb your staircase or struggle with your stability on the stairs, it might be a good time to think about adding a stairlift to your home. Creating a checklist centered around positive changes you can make in your home and your lifestyle are great ways to focus on healthy aging.    

A focus on mental health    

It is essential to focus on mental health in order for seniors to manage stress, memory, and overall awareness. There are online tools available to help achieve your goals for cognitive functions, mental health help, memorization, and more. Adding mental health goals to your checklist can be relatively simple and highly impactful to your overall health.    

After over a year of being stuck inside and creating a small bubble, you might be very excited to see people again. Focusing on social aspects of life is a massive part of who we are like humans; they can even factor into positive mental health. You can help curb some health issues as you age by staying active in your community or spending quality time with loved ones.   

If you set goals to spend more time with those you love, remember to take things slow. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with this reverse culture shock, so as regulations start to ease, take note of how you ideally would like to spend your summer with those you love. Adding social engagements and community activities to your checklist are great ways of having fun and promoting overall wellness for you as you age.    

Summer is fast approaching, and creating goals you hope to achieve can help kickstart healthy aging. If you would like to find out more about putting a more mobile you to your checklist and would like to add a stairlift to your home, visit our Contact Us page.  

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