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Gain More Independence this Independence Day

12:00am & Tips and Advice

Many aging adults can see a dramatic decrease in the feeling of independence as they get older. Either physical or mental health decline or a mix of both can be factors that alter how you live. Fortunately, as you get older, you do not have to sacrifice your independence; with these helpful tips, you can be on the path to living more independently starting this Independence Day.   


Placing a focus on health can have an impact on your ability to be independent. By creating balanced eating habits and making an effort to make your lifestyle a little more active, you can build a positive way to stay independent. When you can improve your mobility and make minor adjustments, you can make a difference in how you feel. That feeling surely won’t go unnoticed, both by yourself and your loved ones. When you feel more confident in your ability to do things and become more independent, consult your physician before starting any new diet or exercise program. They can assist you in making the right changes specifically for you.   

Home Safety  

Working on your movement is very important to stay safe; this also means discovering ways to improve your safety inside and outside your home. Making alterations to your home can help create a safer environment and a more independent you. You can add none slip mats, handlebars in the bathroom, or move furniture around to make your home a safer place for you to move around freely. You can even make additions like stairlifts to your home. Purchasing a stairlift can change the way you move on the stairs. No longer will you have to rely on loved ones to assist you on the steps. You can have full use of your house again and access the upstairs and downstairs anytime you want.  Creating a safe environment where you are free to move by yourself safely could make all the difference in your independence.   

Keep Track 

Maintaining your home safety can especially be important when alerting your family about how you are doing. With plenty of modern-day technologies, there are systems and helpful tools. Smartwatches, fall assistive devices, and more to keep you safe and provide your family added peace of mind. You may gain more independence as you can be home alone or do things independently without the fear of injury. Rest more effortlessly, and move freely with the comfort of a system to keep you safe and your loved ones comfortable.   

Create Open Communication   

Having a space for dialogue with your loved ones can create a safe, reliable space for everyone involved. Speak regularly with family and friends. Gain a good understanding of your regular schedule and let them know when good times to check in are. Creating a reliable time to speak with each other can make a reliable system in case something happens. You may restore some of your independence by building a space where you can talk about issues you may be having at home, get help when you need it and have the support you need.   

Creating a more independent you as you age isn’t too hard at all. But the little things can add up to increase your freedom as you move throughout your home. This Fourth of July, or any time of year, you can change how you view and adapt your independence as you age. If you would like more information on how you can change your freedom with the help of a stairlift, contact us. Visit our Contact Us page, fill out our form, and we will be in contact with you soon! 

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The Arthritis Foundation's Ease-of-Use Commendation

We are proud to be the very FIRST stairlift company to earn the Arthritis Foundation's Ease-of-Use Commendation. It is yet another effort that continues to prove that Acorn Stairlifts is a pioneer in the industry, always striving to stay ahead of the game, and to help our customers by providing the absolute best solution for their needs.

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